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Important Voter Dates for 2021

February 24 (Wednesday) – Date by which names, addresses and phone numbers of proposed bonus voters to be placed on the MCRO Screening Committee are to be submitted to MCRO Chairman Lucille Panos, so that, pursuant to the MCRO by-laws, she may select the “bonus votes … based upon the recommendations from the affected Municipal Committee.”  (Submittals may be by e-mail.)

February 24 (Wednesday) – Deadline by which people who want to be delegates to the MCRO Candidate Nominating Convention must be registered Republicans.

February 28 (Sunday 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm) – Registration forms and fees for MCRO Candidate Nominating Convention delegates are to be turned in to the Registration Committee. Location: 499 Plainfield Avenue, (on 2nd floor in Suite #1), Edison.

March 3 (Wednesday 7:00 pm) – MCRO Screening Committee Meeting. Location: Grace Reformed Church Fellowship Hall, 2815 Woodbridge Avenue, (entrance to parking lot is on Old Post Road), Edison.

March 6 (Saturday 2:00 pm) – MCRO Credentials Committee convenes to hear any appeals of MCRO Candidate Nominating Convention delegate eligibility determinations. Location: Grace Reformed Church Hall, 2815 Woodbridge Avenue, Edison. (Anyone ruled ineligible must bring written proof from the Middlesex County Board of Elections that he or she was a registered Republican voter in Middlesex County as of February 24, 2021).

March 13 (Saturday) – Candidate Nominating Speeches & Voting (Convention format and time TBD.)

April 5 (Monday 4:00 pm) – Candidate petition filing deadline for Primary Election

April 20 (Tuesday) Fire District Elections (For those municipalities who have Fire Districts.) (Rescheduled to this date by Executive Order) and Annual School Board Elections (for those municipalities which have not moved their school board elections to November or who have moved them back.)

June 8 (Tuesday) – Primary Election

November 2 (Tuesday) – General Election