Get Involved


Serve on county committee – As a county committee member, you serve as a liaison between the Republican Party and your community, as well as advocate for positions and candidates you feel strongly about. Contact us to learn more about serving on county committee.

Run for elected office – We are always looking for dedicated members of the community to serve as candidates at all levels of government – state, county, local, and school board. We will get you up-to-speed on the relevant issues and guide you on how to run an effective campaign. Email us a resume and a cover letter and then we will be in touch about setting up an interview.

Register to vote and Vote by Mail – Democracy isn’t a spectator sport! Contact us if you need to register to vote or are not sure where or how you are registered. We can also get you signed up to Vote by Mail, an easy, convenient way to vote every year without leaving your house!

Volunteer – Our party needs volunteers to help with registering voters, signing them up to Vote by Mail, and getting new Republicans involved in our party. We also need help with our annual nominating convention in March 2017. Call or email us to sign up.